First Year

Rome Trip

March 2019, course trip to Rome, Italy


Arrived in Rome and had enough time in the evening to walk up the Spanish steps and see the sun setting over the roof tops.

Fountain at the bottom of the steps
Sun Set
Spanish Steps


Visited a few of traditional religious buildings including The Pantheon, The Vaticon.

The Trevi Fountain

To make a wish:
Stand with your back to the fountain. Then thinking of your wish, flip your coin over your shoulder, into the fountain.

Trevi Fountain
The Pantheon – Exterior
The Pantheon – Interior
The Vatican


Exploring the Ancient City and Colosseum

Anciant City
Ancient City
Colosseum – Inside
Ancient City – Bamboo
Colosseum Floor


In our final full day in Italy we visited The Micro Museum and The Maxxi Museum.

Macro Museum – Table Map
Maxxi Museum – Boat
Macro Museum – ‘Of the Story Is Continuous’
Maxxi Museum – House
Macro Museum – Roof
Maxxi Museum – Pipes

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