Third Year

Bridge, Heritage Exchange

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This has low level lighting in order to have a clear view of the river under the platform. Bright yellow ducks performing activities that have been done in the Megatron are anchored in position. These and the river are illuminated via the natural light entering the outer glass tube, which then reflects the image up the inner aluminium tube for the visitors to see.

1:50 Detailed plan of the periscope, 5 meters in Diameter


They’d walk onto the bridge made with a glass floor to see the rainwater flowing beneath them. Natural light enters through the perforated aluminium arches, but the LED Lights help to orientate and direct the visitors to the periscope room, on platform 5.

1:200 Detailed plan of the bridge between the entrance and periscope. Going over the station platforms and tracks

Entrance and Exit

Visitors would view the construction and history of the river in the exhibition space, on platform 1.

1:200 Detailed plans of the ground and upper floor of the entrance and exit, showing public facilities eg the cycle storage and toilets.

Platform 5 is an immersive experience, simulating the journey through the river running under Sheffield Train Station, for all abilities.

Dalton took inspiration from her family’s background in illustration, construction and engineering to design the bridge in an industrial style.