First Year

Greenpixel, 3D Greengrocers and Container Highstreet

Highstreet – Greengrocers Highlighted
Greengrocers – Floor Plan
Greengrocers – Front Elevation

January – April 2019

Kelham Island

Brief: Speculate a highstreet design whcih positively effects the local community and economy. Design the highstreet using Shipping Containers and add your own design of a greengrocers into a unit.


3 shipping containers make up a unit for each shop or business.
The units are placed at 90 degrees from each other on two levels.


I decided to look into 3D Food Printing for reducing food waste and looked at a way technology may be used in future.

Produce Life:
Bought as a regular produce. If not bought at the end of its shelf life the ingredients are pureed and kept in suringes until needed for printing.

Draws a 2D image on an app they then choose the line or area to be extruded to the height that they want and choose the ingredients (up to 5). The order will be added to the print queue.The customer will recieve a time slot to collect the print, which is calculated by the time in the queue and how long it’ll take for the design to print.

Green Pixel Logo
Greengrocers – Entrance
Grrengrocers – Print Room
Greengrocers – Fresh Produce

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