First Year

Bunny Café

Café – Plan
Seating Options

November – December 2018
Park Hill, Sheffield

Brief: To redesign an exisiting space in Park Hill, focusing on mental health and wellbeing.
My design is for a rabbit cafe included rabbit hutches, tunnels, borrows, platforms slides, a hill the rabbits could dig into and people could sit, rabbit food put into areas of the turf. Counter at the entrance, cupboard for customers belongings, food and drinks counter and toilets.

1. Customers pay for the time they want to spend in the cafe and clean their hands with a warm towel.

2. Attendant puts the customers belongings into the cupboard near the entrance.

3. Customers order food and drink for themselves and the rabbits, at the food and drinks counter.

4. Customers sit on the turf (including a hill the rabbits borrow into) interacting with the rabbits while they eat and drink.

Café – Entrance Section, with Cloakroom
Café – Section, with Hutches
Runway to the Large Rabbit
Hutches and Entrance

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